I Hate Lavender Brown - EP

by Taylor Brogan

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released October 16, 2011

Vocals and Lyrics - Taylor Brogan
Production and Instrumentation - Mike Kerr



all rights reserved


Plrtz Glrb Los Angeles, California

Occasionally will write some songs.

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Track Name: I Hate Lavender Brown
Ronald Weasley, you're so thick.
The way you look at her, it makes me feel so sick.
Lavender Brown is such a....skank!
Is that really the kind of girl that you appreciate?

My hair's too frizzy; I'm too smart.
And unlike Lavender, I cannot win your heart.
I must admit I am ashamed
To be reacting in such a childish way...

But I hate Lavender Brown.
Yes, I hate Lavender Brown.
I hate her stupid yellow hair,
I hate that stupid clown.
Yes, I hate Lavender Brown.

I hate the way she calls you, "Won."
It makes her sound like a moron.
When she first snogged you my heart shattered
As if the way I felt about you even mattered...

I wish that I could read your thoughts
Go back to all those times we fought
About McLaggen, about Krum
Were you protective, were you jealous, or just being dumb.

I still hate Lavender Brown
Yeah, I hate Lavender Brown.
I hate the way she talks to you,
sometimes I even hate you too.
But mostly I hate Lavender Brown.
Track Name: Muggle Born
The day I turned eleven was the worst day of my life
I thought I was a wizard bound for Hogwarts, so I cried
Because I'll never see a Quidditch match or learn how to fly.

I wanted to meet Dumbledore and be in Ravenclaw*
Beat Voldemort in time to eat dinner in the Great Hall
I wanted to say, "leviosa" to my best friend Ron
But I'll never get to do those things because I'm muggle born.

The night before my birthday I was quiet as a mouse
I packed up my belongings and I stood outside my house
I waited hours for owls
but the letter never came.

I wanted to be free from all the bullies in 5th grade.
I was even willing to take potions with Professor Snape.
But I knew I had to suck it up and live a normal life.

*Now an official Gryffindor. Thanks, J.K. Rowling.